Bundanoon Public School

Safe Respectful Learners

Telephone02 4883 6192



Our P&C is committed to supporting a free public education system inclusive of all, irrespective of culture, gender, academic ability and socio-economic status.

We want our children to explore ideas, expand their minds and express themselves in a secure and happy environment and know this happens best when families, school and community work together.

How do you become a financial member? You can either pop into the school office and complete your forms there or attend a meeting! Simple? Yes! And all for the cost of $2.

When you become a P&C member, you are able to give and receive input from school and receive meeting minutes with no obligation to attend meetings or take on a role.

If you are interested in joining or supporting our P&C, or lending a hand on a project, please contact the school on 4883 6192, email us at bundanoonpublicschool@pandcaffiliate.org.au or come along to a meeting.

P&C Membership Form (PDF 82KB)

This is your P&C

We look forward to partnering with you and your family, supporting the wellbeing of our children and our school.

Meetings: The next meeting will be at the Bundanoon Hotel on 4 August 2020.  Future meeting dates TBA.

P & C Positions

The executive committee of our P&C now consists of:

                President:                 James Foster
                Vice-Presidents:       Corinne Buxton and Andrew Bailey
                Treasurers:                Miriam Pearson and Kim Booth
                Snack Shack:            Finette Sheather (Co-ordinator) and Amy Burch (Assistant)
                Uniform Shop:         Jane Bailey (Co-ordinator), Nane Lockerbie (Assistant), Kate Leary (Assistant)
                Secretary:                Vacant / Available!

Bundanoon P & C has a Facebook page.  Search for @bundanoonpandc and 'Like' our page to keep up to date.

This page is operated by the Bundanoon Public School Association Parents and Citizens Association. Our Facebook page is here for the parents and community members involved with Bundanoon Public School to connect and stay informed.

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