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BYOD & educational apps


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


Technology plays a huge role in students' lives and should, therefore, be an integral part of their learning.

For most schools, it is financially impossible to provide every student with state-of-the-art technology.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a cost-effective alternative; recognising that many students already own devices that are superior and more up-to-date than those available in schools.

This program is running in many schools across NSW, Australia and worldwide and is a component of Future-Focused Learning.

At Bundanoon Public School students in Years 3-6 are encouraged to bring their own devices to school to assist with their classroom learning experiences. 

It is important that parents and students understand the following two key points to this program:

  1. A computer device will not be mandatory for all students at Bundanoon Public School, it is a tool for students and teachers to assist with learning. 
  2. A computer device will not replace pens or books, as writing is a vital skill in brain development and fine motor skills in young children. 

We are focused on how the device will enhance learning, rather than how to use the device.  

The school has an Arubra Wireless Network to support the infrastructure and access to the Department of Education (DoE) Wi-Fi network.  Access to the Internet will be made available to students who use BYOD for learning. 

BYOD allows schools and the DoE to efficiently incorporate devices into our digital learning environment while securing and protecting school and DoE infrastructure and data.  

Students who choose to take up this opportunity must read and sign a copy of the Policy and User Agreement (PDF 42KB) together with their parent or caregiver.

Educational Apps for BYOD

A list of educational apps recommended for use at Bundanoon Public School are listed here: Educational Apps for BYOD (PDF 36KB).